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1996 Ferrari F355

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1996 Ferrari F355 GTB - Rosso Corsa/Tan, 6spd manual, absolutely impeccable condition with full service history and a fresh full major service just performed at an authorized Ferrari dealer. Clean, no-stories, no-excuses car.

If you're in the market for a 355, you know that really good ones are the exception rather than the rule. This is one - and it took us nearly six months to pry it out of the hands of its loving previous owner. He did most of his own minor maintenance and was so fastidious that he even created a website for the car:



This car is complete with tool kit, books, 2 keys and 3 fobs including the red fob, original window sticker, and all service records since new. In addition, it has a Capristo Stage 2 exhaust, a Hill Engineering Alloy dead-pedal, and the owner bought a CoverKing custom car cover for the vehicle.


The condition of this car is excellent. None of the typical issues - the sticky switches have been redone, the HVAC control panel is not warped (but we have a spare one from Ricambi with the car just in case!), the seat leather has been not redyed, but reupholstered, and looks like brand new, there is no airbag cover shrinkage, no dash leather shrinkage - the interior is in absolutely beautiful shape. The car even has a second set of fitted floormats to cover and preserve the original mats. The exterior is in equally nice shape with only a couple small hints as to the age of the car, including a few rock chips on the lower portion of the front bumper, and a small spot on the upper side of one of the fenders where a detailer got a little happy with a buffer and burned the paint - neither items are noticeable unless you're really looking for them. The paint, the rubber, the engine compartment, the wheels, are all in really good condition, and the car is 95.4% as nice as another one we just sold with 13k miles.


Oh, and about that silly service history which everyone seems to dance around. Yes, the headers have been done. Yes, the valve guides have been done. Yes, the recalls have been done. The car has been serviced regularly with all annual and major services done, the most recent one being about a week ago, along with a full checkover by a Ferrari dealer and positive compression test results.


7/26/96 - delivery miles: Sold new by Ferrari of Beverly Hills

12/2/97 - 2844 miles: Oil/Filter change. New Battery. ABD Hydraulic Brake Pump recall performed, and Cat ECU and Thermocouple unit replaced under warranty.

8/23/00 - 6202 miles: Annual Service performed by Ferrari of Beverly Hills. Fuel Injection Line recall performed

9/16/02 - 10877 miles: Annual Service performed by Ferrari of Beverly Hills

1/09/04 - 13315 miles: Full major service, including timing belts, tensioners, spark plugs, fluids/filters; Exhaust Manifolds replaced under warranty

1/20/05 - 15007 miles: New thermocouple control unit and bypass installed by Ferrari of Beverly Hills

1/24/06 - 15648 miles: Full annual service performed by Ferrari of Beverly Hills. New battery installed, OBDII recall performed under warranty

8/1/07: Oil/Filter change and new gas cap by Blackhorse Motors

1/02/08 - 16798 miles: Full major service, including timing belts, tensioners, spark plugs, fluids/filters, and valve guide replacement performed by Ferrari of Denver

07/16/08 - 16974 miles: Sold to fourth owner by Stevinson Imports

8/17/08: New Optima Battery

5/5/09: Oil change kit and miscellaneous hardware ordered from Ricambi

9/8/09 - 17800 miles: Oil/Filter/gearbox fluid change

12/28/09: NGK 5851 Platinum Spark Plugs ordered

01/15/10 - 18305 miles: Fuel block repair done (Ferrari recall - performed under warranty)

5/10/10: Oil change kit and miscellaneous hardware ordered from Ricambi

6/21/10: New brake pads ordered from Ricambi

7/19/10: Bradan Brake Lines installed

08/25/10: New Driver & Pass
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