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1986 Porsche 911

Vehicle Data
Manual 5-Speed
3.2L H6

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Vehicle Description
1986 Porsche 911 Targa - Exceptionally clean, serviced, and documented example. This car was delivered new on Sep 9, 1985 to Sam Benarrosh of Bedford, Ohio. He took delivery in Germany as part of the Tourist Delivery program. The second owner purchased the car on April 11, 1990 with 15,422 miles. The car always stayed local to the southeast area of Cleveland, really never leaving a 20 mile radius of both ownership and service. In fact, the same shop who services the car now was servicing the car back in 1990, although some of the service was done at a different Porsche shop along the way. We bought the car from the fifth owner, who has owned it since 1999, and who also serviced it religiously. The car is very original albeit with some good upgrades, all of which are reversible should a future owner want to revert it. The last owner had a muffler with a dual exhaust installed, which wakes up the sound from the overly quiet stock exhaust. He also had a 911 Chips performance ECU installed, which gives the car improved acceleration in the higher RPM ranges. The stock chip is still with the car. He also purchased a whaletail rear spoiler and the front chin spoiler. The rear spoiler was installed on the factory decklid, and no paintwork was done to the decklid. We have the stock grill and it could be reverted if somebody likes the clean look better. A SONY stereo system was installed, and on the receipt it specifies that the shop is not to cut any holes, but to use the stock speaker grills. (Note - for the super picky, the passenger door speaker grill and the driver's side rear shelf speaker grill have superficial cracks, and could stand to be replaced for visual appeal). The car has service records dating back to 1989, and is all up-to-date on services, major and minor. The 30k service was performed in 1994, and the 60k service was performed in 2003. This included a valve adjustment, new ignition rotor, spark plugs PCV hose, and serpentine belts. The customer also had the rear main seal replaced at this time, as well as the gearbox refreshed with new 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear synchros. The brakes were serviced in 2008 at 68,647 miles. New pads all around, brake fluid flushed, new front rotors, front caliper dust boots. The rear rotors were machined. The front bearings were also serviced at that time. New Falken tires were installed in 2009 at just shy of 72k miles. The car was just checked over and serviced by Steinel's Autowerks, and is mechanically all there. As far as cosmetic condition, you will be hard pressed to find a nicer one. The exterior paint is largely original, with the exception of the driver's door, the LR fender, and the bumpers. Nothing meters higher than 8mil, so there is no bodywork present on the car. The paint shows very well, and we just did a full paint-correction detailing on the car to bring out the color. The rubber on the exterior is in good condition, and black, not faded. The targa top is in very good condition with a couple of very small superficial nicks, and it latches and seals properly and keeps the water out. The interior is in excellent shape, with no tears in the seats, and no cracking in the bolsters. The dash is in perfect shape with no cracks. It has obviously been loved. Again, to get REALLY picky, one of the knobs to release the seat-back to gain access to the rear seats is broken (this is a very common thing), and one of the straps holding the rear seatbacks is also broken. All power options work, all lights, A/C, radio, mirrors, windows, etc. The car is complete with the original owner's manual, warranty and maintenance booklet, tool kit, air compressor, spare tire, and jack. This is one of the finest examples you will find on the market, with a good, documented ownership and service history, and ready to go enjoy with no immediate needs and no deferred maintenance. www.switchcars.com
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