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Ferrari 312 T2 Niki Lauda RUSH Movie Prop

Vehicle Data
USD 75,000
2.0L Duratec

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Vehicle Description

Here is a unique chance to own a piece of automotive movie history. This Ferrari 213 T2 replica was produced as reportedly one of nine prop cars used for the movie "Rush", in which it was Niki Lauda's race car. It looks highly authentic from 10 feet away (just like any film car), and upon close inspection it becomes quite obvious that it was a movie prop, as it was made to appear real on film but not actually function as a race car.

If you're a Ferrari fan, an F1 fan, a movie buff, or all three - this is a great conversation piece and a must-have addition for the Ferrari or memorabilia collector. More photos and walkaround video available upon request. Sold on a bill of sale.

The car is in dry-storage mode and does not have any fluids in the engine. It does have a real Ford 2.0L Duratec motor in it with a Hewland gearbox, although we do not know if it ever actually ran in the movie.

Below is a portion of the description from the Propstore archives:

A prop Ferrari 312T2 Formula One car made for Niki Lauda (Daniel Br?hl) in Ron Howard's racing biopic Rush. A total of nine prop cars were built for the film and supplemented with a number of genuine period vehicles. The Ferrari model 312T2 was used in the latter part of the 1976 racing season after regulations demanded the removal of the ‘high’ air box found on the earlier F-1 cars (dubbed model “312T”). The custom-built car is based on a Mygale chassis with a fibreglass body, aluminium front and rear wings, 2- litre Duratec Ford engine with a dry-sump lubrication system and a Hewland FT200 H pattern gearbox. A signature Ferrari-red paint scheme adorns the vehicle, as do logos for sponsors Heuer, Agip and Goodyear. Number “1” decals, signifying Lauda was the reigning champion the year before, sit proudly on the nose and on either side of the air intake, and “Niki Lauda” is applied in flowing white script to both sides of the cockpit. The vehicle has the original slick tyres used during production and a Ferrari-branded leather padded steering wheel. The cockpit is simple, featuring minimal foam padding and a red safety harness. The chassis was adapted to accept a number of different exterior shells, allowing the same platform to serve as different vehicles within the context of the film. All fuel and fluids were drained from the vehicle, and the battery is removed. The car remains in very good condition with wear from production. Dimensions: 460 cm x 200 cm x 120 cm (181” x 79” x 47”). This car is substantially modified from its original engineering and should not be driven. It is sold in a static ‘rolling only’ condition, drained of all fluids and without a battery

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