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Trailex Trailers

Switchcars is an authorized Trailex dealer - the world's lightest aluminum trailers.

Here at Switchcars, we've shipped so many cars over the years that we might as well be in the auto transport business.

While that's not our bread and butter, we're happy to use our experience and expertise to arrange and book enclosed shipping for your specialty sports or exotic car.

I firmly believe that exotic car transport is not a place where you should try to save a couple bucks, because you get what you pay for. It is just not worth the risk. We only use highly reputable, experienced, enclosed carrier auto transporters, and we never, ever, ever use transport brokers. We deal directly with the company who owns the truck and the guy driving the truck. And we make sure they have darn good insurance.

Whether you bought your car from us, or from somebody else, or if you just need to make sure that your car gets safely to and from a concours show or auction, we will be happy to arrange transportation logistics for you so that you have peace of mind.

How your discount shipping broker will transport your Ferrari:

How we transport exotic cars:

What will arrive with your car when you go with the discount shipper (and yes, that's a piece of bacon on a Nissan GT-R):

How your car will arrive when you arrange transport with Switchcars:

How the other guys load a car for transport:

How we load a specialty car for shipping: