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I wanted to formally reach out and thank you for all the work you've done to put me into my new (to me) Audi R8. This is the first time I have bought a car sight unseen and the effort you put in to talk to me about the car, negotiate a trade on my 911 turbo, help me with financing options, and set up all the shipping logistics has made all the difference. Early on in this process, you told me this business is all about trust, which is something that is often lacking from the used car sales world. However, all the way through this, you have been true to your word, especially when it came to the condition of the R8. This car is truly a gem and I don't think I could have possibly found a better example. I'd say I can't wait to do business again, but I feel like I'll be enjoying this car for many years to come ! :-)

Thanks again!



Frankly I was apprehensive setting this deal up over the phone and emails. Had a lot of time to second guess everything in the four hour drive to get there.  However this was the easiest car deal I have ever done. The car was EXACTLY as you represented it. 

After missing out on so many cars can't believe I got this one.  Been two weeks and still grinning!

Went right out and celebrated once I got home, think it looks great parked out front!

You are living proof that there are honest car dealers out there.


Wanted to let you know that the Scud is safely in my garage. Thanks so much for a very positive buying experience. It seems rarer to find people in your line of business that do so with high integrity and a focus on customer service. There is no doubt in my mind that we will do business again in the future. Feel free to use me as a reference down the road if you need it.

Thanks again- C.P.
Just wanted you to know I am still pleased as punch with my 2005 GT Coupe Maserati. Everyone salivates at the color. It appears to be the only one like it ever, anywhere, and just a beautiful mediterranean blue. I just spent [another] day with the car at our local sports car track, Summit Point, WV, and it performs just great. I understand from a conversation with our local Ferrari/Maserati dealer that only about 100 6-speeds were imported, so the car also seems rare. You sure found a rare bird for me and I am still grateful. 

Click the image to read what was posted on the MBWorld discussion forum.

I contacted Switchcars just after finding out about the new Mini Cooper JCW GP edition and its limited production and was sure there was no way I could get one. Lo and behold Doug got me a spot when there were none to be had. He came through for me in a big way. Thanks!

Click the image to see what was said about us at "Years of Wheels"
"Switchcars.com is by far the best AND only contact you should ever need if you're looking for that special vehicle. Having allocated over six cars by now, Doug has consistently found me not only the best deals but done so quickly, efficiently, and with the best customer service I've ever had. Customer satisfaction is his first priority, not some quick profit. I can't stress "deal" enough, because I've actually been able to MAKE money on trade-ins from cars that they have found me. Whenever anyone ever mentions that they are looking for a vehicle, without any reservations I always recommend giving switchcars.com a call!"

-Chris Young
You are amazing. First you helped me find a buyer for my Aston Martin DB7 and then you were the only person who could find me a new Black/Black CL550. You will be the talk of LA when I start driving my new CL.

Many thanks.

I just wanted to thank you for your help securing my M5. You told me it would be a certain price and it closed exactly there. I appreciate you being accountable, available and knowledgeable. Can't wait til the upgrade to the next car!

My wife had to have a Basalt Black Cayman S when they first came out...and I had to have 5k off sticker.... and Switchcars did it in two days. Then there was a hang up with shipping and Doug hopped in the car, broke it in and delivered it in 2 days later. I’m now getting a 997S for 10k off sticker...with all the options and the color combo I wanted. Switchcars is the best! Thanks Doug!!!

Jessica and I want to thank you so much for providing the Hummer and driving us to our hotel. It was so nice not to have to worry about transportation, and the vehicle was really nice.

Just Married!
David and Jessica B. 
Thanks again for your patience and help in securing my 2006 Ford Heritage GT. I look forward to meeting you on my drive [back from the factory].

Best regards,
Tim F.
In April ’05, I decided to purchase a new yellow NSX. I could not find a dealer on the east coast that had one. We then did a nationwide search to no avail. Next, I decided to accept a silver NSX from a local dealer but he would not lease the car to me under the Acura lease plan. His rate was $400/month higher.

I then decided to contact Switchcars. Within 12 hours, they found a yellow NSX and the dealer agreed to the Acura lease plan. Doug then arranged to have the car shipped directly to my office.

Doug knows more about cars than anyone I know. I highly recommend Switchcars.com.

Peter Matz

For what it's worth, Pete's NSX was the ONLY yellow/black one unsold in the country at the time of purchase, and one of the last three ever produced.
I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of your help during the purchase of my 2001 Range Rover HSE. The car is great. I am very happy with everything. I was expecially impressed with the way you and your company was equipped to handle a transaction out of state. I had never done this before, so I was a bit leery of the whole process. It proved to be easier than buying a car from a local lot.

Thank you again,
David H. 
Switchcars.com.....Let me tell you about that. I wanted an Audi R8. 
Searched for over 12 months.....everybody laughed !!
Found Doug at Switchcars.com. 
30 days later.......end of story.
Then I want the new Nissan GT-R.
Delivery anticipated June/July. Almost end of story. They're the real Deal. Nuff said.

John Handel, RIP
John was a wonderful soul with a true appreciation for cars. We miss our long phone conversations with him about all manner of cars and driving - he was a beloved client and friend!