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Switchcars is an authorized Trailex dealer - the world's lightest aluminum trailers.

Need to sell your pre-owned specialty vehicle?

Contact Us to consign your exotic car to our network of buyers, and make a deal at true market value without the hassle of selling it on your own.

We also make cash offers on clean exotic and sports cars if time is of the essence.


Why Consign?

It is a no-brainer that you use a real estate agent to sell your house, yet many people would rather attempt to sell their cars themselves. After 16 years of marketing and selling hundreds of exotic cars, we are not quite sure why. Below are just a few reasons consigning with a reputable dealer is more secure, more profitable, and less stressful.

Cashier's checks are just like cash, right? WRONG. The number one trick scammers are using to purchase cars is fake cashier's checks. Banks often cannot detect a fake until after it bounces...and by then it's too late.
Scammers prey on private sellers with any number of tactics, from obvious to genius. We've caught numerous scammers in the act, and saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Another very common scam is even harder to detect: Consignment dealers will build up a level of trust, sell cars for their customers, deliver the title to the new owner, and pocket the cash. One of our customers who was selling a GT3 on consignment with a dealer in Colorado who 'specialized in Porsches' almost got taken by this exact trick. We saw the red flags, and insisted that we cut Go Motors out of the transaction and deal directly with the owner of the car. Not six months later, that same dealer was in the news for selling cars on consignment and never paying the consignor. The dealer's now in jail, but our client got paid in full - because he dealt with us. (Hint - if their consignment fee is too low, there's probably a reason for it!).





The majority of buyers requiring financing or leasing. Many banks will not offer financing for private-party deals, and most customers want the dealer to do the financing. Don't miss out on potential buyers because you aren't able to offer competitive financing options.
We have multiple financing resources available to us, including leasing options and specialty and classic car financing to offer the best possible rates in order to close the deal.

Also, if you have an existing loan on your vehicle, many buyers will not purchase a car without a clear title. We are equipped to handle the transaction with your lienholder, to clear the lien and act as an 'escrow' to secure the transaction for all parties.

More than TWO-THIRDS of customers interested in our vehicles have a trade-in!! Not only do most buyers need to trade in their car, but most states offer a trade-in sales tax credit, which can only be applied if purchased through a dealer. 
We are equipped to put accurate, cash offers on trade-in vehicles, EVEN trades against consignment cars! In other words, we will buy the trade-in so you can sell your car and realize top dollar.

The exchange rates are constantly changing, and the overseas market can be a large source of buyers, especially for vintage cars. Do you know how to export a car? Do worldwide buyers know how to find you? We've sold cars to every continent, and are equipped to handle the difficult logistics.

We advertise on Cars.com, AutoTrader, Google, Ebay, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Carsforsale.com, Hemmings, Rennlist, Bring a Trailer, PcarMarket, Cars&Bids, we sponsor automotive clubs and forums, actively network within the local Ferrari and Porsche clubs, and we have 16 years of an impeccable reputation in the industry. We take high quality photos and videos of cars and document service records for potential buyers, and we have a clean, secure indoor facility for buyers to view the vehicles.