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2010 Porsche 911 GT3

Vehicle Data
Manual 6-Speed
3.8L H6

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Vehicle Description
Today we are offering a clean GT3 that's been driven as intended, serviced fastidiously, and ready to be enjoyed.
The car was sold new in October 2009 by Stevinson Imports, and was regularly serviced there until it was sold in 2011. It went through two wholesale auctions, which can sometimes be indicative of a "story" car, but really good cars can go through auctions as well just as a matter of dealer policy or when certain wholesalers buy them. This one was a good one that just happened to be wholesaled through auction. It was picked up by Byers Imports and given a full major service and sold to the second owner as a Porsche Certified Pre-Owned vehicle.
The buyer then performed a number of track-focused upgrades, but according to our knowledge never actually used it on the track. Switchcars acquired the car in late 2012 and sold it to the fourth owner with just under 22k miles.
He then traded it back in to Switchcars a year later, and it was subsequently sold with 23k miles to another VIP client in Las Vegas. The car didn't "wow" him, so he traded it back in and it was sold again by Switchcars to a client in Florida who also had a place in Las Vegas and maintained it with Premier Sportscar Service, one of the best Porsche race shops in the country.
He was actually the first owner in all that time to finally put it on a track, and he got a fair amount of track use out of the car. During his ownership he experienced a valvetrain issue, and P1 did a top-end refresh including camshaft actuators and bolts (a necessary upgrade anyway with a lightweight flywheel), head gasket, full reseal, valve guides, and more. They installed 4.0L cams while they were in there, as well as a 4.0L pressure plate and RS single-mass flywheel. The centerlock hubs and wheel carriers were also replaced and the coolant lines pinned. Essentially they upgraded and bulletproofed the car.
The owner put a few thousand more miles on the car and then decided to retire from track driving, and once again called Switchcars, who purchased and resold it in early 2020 with just under 38k miles after having an inspection performed at Autowerks. The car was still in excellent condition, thanks in part to a clearbra which had protected the primary impact areas and had been installed since 2012. The flaws noted in 2020 were a dented lower rocker from being improperly lifted, which was fixed by Pete's Custom Coachbuilding, and some discoloration in the REAR calipers. This occurs when the car is tracked with PSM on, as the stability management will pulse the rear brakes to assist the driver and put more heat into the rear brakes than a driver would on his own.
The most recent owner has tracked it four times, and has just completed an oil/filter change and installed new Pagid RS29 pads. The car is due for new tires but otherwise is solid and ready to rock. It has never been hit and is original paint other than the repaired rocker, and the DME is pretty clean with only range one and twos and an average speed around 42mph which is within normal range.
*Note - photos show missing center caps - new OEM GT3 center caps have been installed.
Current modifications:
Pinned Coolant Lines
Steel Rotors (Porsche OEM parts)
RSS Drop Links
GMG harness bar
Performance ECU tune
Fabspeed Center Muffler Bypass
Fabspeed Competition Carbon Fiber Intake
AST/Moton Race 2-way adjustable dampers
RS Flywheel, 4.0 Clutch Pressure Plate
4.0 Camshafts
997.2 RS White-Gold side graphics (can easily be removed)
Motec Digital Instrument Gauge
Factory Options:
Carrara White Exterior
Black Full Leather
Sport Chrono Package Plus
Switch Panel Package Painted Exterior Color
Trim Strip Switch Panel Alcantara
Gear Lever Trim Exterior Color
Instrument Surround Exterior Color
Belt Outlets B-pillars Painted
Storage Lid Alcantara with Porsche Logo
Sport Seat Backs Painted
Porsche Crest in Headrest
Door Stitching
Door Handle Stitching
Seat Stitching
Dash Stitching
Side Center Console Stitching
Rear Side Panel Stitching
All Exclusive Options Stitching
Floor Mats in Interior Color
Heated Front Seats
Sound Package Plus
XM Radio
PCM 3.0 with Extended Navigation
Ipod and Bluetooth (Universal Audio Interface)
Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes - PCCB


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