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Absolutely immaculate, ridiculously clean Ferrari 328 GTS in the quintessential Rosso Corsa over Tan leather. This is one of the cleanest examples we've ever seen, and we've seen some really good ones. It has a fully documented service and ownership history, all original accessories, and none of the typical 328 issues. The rear trunk zipper functions properly, the front fog lights are not cracked, and the switch for the headlights is in perfect un-cracked condition. The seat leather is still soft and supple and is free from the common bolster wear that plagues many cars, and has never been re-dyed. The like-new interior condition gives evidence to the fact that the car was stored properly.
All service is up-to-date with the last major service performed in June of 2013 by Ferrari of Scottsdale at an expense of $9911.90. New Bridgestone Potenza RE11s were fitted in January of 2015. 
The exterior paint shows very well and is almost all original, with the exception of the front bonnet and the driver's front fender. Even the best eye will probably not catch this but it does show in the paintmeter readings. 
The car is complete with the targa top tonneau cover, spare tire, jack, owner's manual, stamped service book, and all keys, as well as a car cover, a custom front bra, and extra floormats. 

Price: SOLD
1986 Ferrari 328 GTS - Fantastic car with an exceptional service history. 28,510 actual miles, with a recent full major service performed by a Ferrari dealer, including timing belts, fluids, filters, A/C system upgrade, new tires, coolant hoses, and an open-checkbook authorization to go through all minor issues on the car, with the total bill around $17k - completed in March of 2012. This car is ready to party, and needs absolutely nothing. It is one of the cleanest and most complete cars I've ever seen. The paint appears to be all original and in really, really nice condition. We just performed a 2.5 day detail on the car, including Leatherique treating on all the leather, and it is ready for a show. The only two cosmetic picks on the car are the wear on the driver's seat bolster, and the weatherstripping lining where the targa top mounts. The car is mechanically perfect, with everything on the car working. It drives very well, and even goes into second gear with little difficulty when cold, and the gearbox is buttery smooth once warmed up. The car was maintained fastidiously, with a full binder of receipts dating back until new. The car has had four total owners, with one owner from 1988-2008. If you're looking for an exceptional 328, this one is it.


Items included with the car:

Two sets of keys - one original and one on a F355 fob

Complete Tool kit and roll in excellent condition

Complete Jack and spare parts set with serpentine belts and other items

All original books with leather pouch

328 factory sales brochure

Complete service receipts 1986-2013

Factory Spare Tire

Tonneau cover for targa top

Car cover and driver's seat cover (seat cover is faded)

Factory mirrors (the smaller Euro-style mirrors are on the car for a much cleaner look)

Original factory exhaust - Xost system is on car

Original gas cap and flap (upgraded to the F355 billet aluminum cap)

Original and upgraded floor mats


Price: SOLD
1987 Ferrari 328 GTS. Rosso Corsa/tan. Exceptional condition - purchased from a local collection. One of the cleanest ones we've ever seen. www.switchcars.com
Price: SOLD
1987 Ferrari 328 GTS - Rosso Corsa with tan seats, black upper dash, and red carpets. Recent major service and extensive service history dating back to the early 90s and verifying original mileage.



The vehicle was sold new on 2-26-87.

Our service history starts in 1993, with we believe the 2nd owner, at about 11k miles.

This owner was from Delaware and serviced it regularly with Algar Ferrari. He did two full major services over the course of his ownership, in addition to other minor maintenance and necessary repairs. He also had a new clutch installed in 1998, at 14,127 miles

He then sold it in 2003, at 17,403 miles, and had the timing belts changed just before it was sold.

For some reason, the 3rd owner (Florida), got a non-actual mileage title issued in Florida. This baffles us, because at no point was the odometer repaired, and the mileage is consistent and verified during the 2nd owner's 10-year ownership. The issue was corrected, and the vehicle now has a proper actual mileage-title.

He also had the vehicle serviced regularly, with oil and filter changes done just about every year, and a new starter and water pump installed in 2008.

The fourth owner, also from Florida, took possession in 2011. He had a full major service, and then some, performed by Smith Motorworks. This included timing belts, cam seals, valve cover gaskets, end plate gaskets, spark plugs, Hill Engineering tensioner bearings, distributor gaskets, new thermostat and gasket, water pump and belt, fuel accumulator, air, fuel, and oil filters, and accessory belts. The oil was changed and coolant flushed as well. Total bill was just over $6500.00

In August of 2011, the owner had the A/C system upgraded, including an upgraded aluminum radiator. Total cost: $4978.83

Switchcars purchased the car in 2013 for one of our local clients, and had an annual service performed by North Coast Exotics just before delivery, along with installing brand new BF Goodrich G-Force Sport tires. The mileage at the time was 22,807.

Our customer drove it regularly over the course of the summer, and that same year we tempted him with a 355 which he couldn't resist, and he traded it back in to us with the mileage you see now. We've had a couple minor repairs done to the car, including a new heater core and driver's side door channel, as well as all new, correct spark plugs. It's all serviced, up-to-date, and ready to go.



Mechanically, this car is in excellent shape. It starts and runs perfectly every time, and it shifts smoothly and crisply. The car, like every gated Ferrari of its time, does hesitate going into 2nd gear when cold, but it is better than other ones I've driven, and with a good double-clutching, will go in just fine, and once warmed up is perfectly normal. The steering and suspension are tight, and it stops straight and true with no drama. Really, there's no excuses on the mechanical end.

Cosmetically, the car is very nice. The paint is red and shiny, there is no evidence of rust or corrosion, and there are no major picks on the paint. The only pick is a chip on the front fender behind the headlight which has been filled in, but you can still see where it was. The top and targa bar are smooth and black, and are not dried out. The seats and interior are in great shape - the dash looks new, but the steering wheel does show a bit of wear around the edge. The driver's seat bolster does have the typical wear and cracking, and the bolster appears to have been re-dyed in the past. Other than the bolster, the leather is soft and in excellent shape, and no other part of the interior appears to have been dyed or messed with. The headlight stalk does have a small crack in it (another very common problem) and is a wee bit finicky. Also, the trunk boot cover zipper is broken. But overall, there are very minor things to dislike about this one, and it's a very clean car front to back
Price: SOLD
1987 Ferrari 328 GTS. Excellent condition 3-owner car, bought new and residing since new in California through 2013. We purchased the car in 2013 and had a full 30k service performed, and sold it to a customer in Texas. All original books, complete tool kit, both keys, factory spare tire and jack. www.switchcars.com
Price: SOLD

We are pleased to present this original condition and low-mileage 360 Coupe for sale. Purchased in 2015 from the original owner and sold to a local Switchcars client before being advertised, it is now offered publicly for sale for the first time.
Finished in Nero/Beige, this 360 Modena is a gated 6-speed manual, and is perfect for a collector or weekend driver. The black paint is all original and has a beautiful shine, having been professionally detailed and polished by our award-winning detailer. The beige leather interior is also gorgeous and was treated with Leatherique. The sticky interior parts were refinished as well, with the exception of the door handles and radio control knobs which at the time had not gotten tacky enough to warrant refinishing.

The service book is stamped showing that the 5k mile service was performed at St. Louis Ferrari Service in 2006 at 3173 miles. We had a full major service performed by North Coast Exotics in November of 2015 at 4396 miles including timing belts, tensioner pulleys, spark plugs, brake, gearbox, power steering fluid, and coolant flush and oil and filter change. Receipts for this service can be viewed in the Documents section on the left. 

The car is a lightly-optioned car, consistent with what we've seen on other early 6spd coupes. It is equipped with power seats, black piping, Scuderia fender shields, and Challenge rear grill. The only departure from stock, which is a bonus, is a Tubi rear exhaust. Factory headers/cats have not been changed. Stock muffler is not included. Original Bridgestone Potenza S02A tires still have full tread and show no cracking, giving evidence to the easy life this car has lived. That being said, if the next owner is planning to drive the car, they should be replaced given their age. The car is complete with all books, tools, tire inflator, car covers in their duffle bag, keys, and remotes. 

This is an exceptional, collector-grade example of a gorgeous 360 that will please the most discriminating buyer. 


Price: SOLD

Novitec Rosso is a well-known German tuning company that many of us may remember from our childhood or teenage years. They weren't as outlandish as Gemballa or Koenig, but they produced some fantastic products and continue to put out quality upgrades to this day. Likely the most memorable Novitec kit is from the Ferrari 360, and even if you haven't seen one with the full aero treatment, you've likely seen their gorgeous split 5-spoke wheels on a number of 360s or F430s.

This particular 360 left the factory in 1999 as a US-spec gated-manual coupe, and was delivered to its first owner in NJ, who kept it for just a year before reselling it with only 254 miles (likely for an immense profit, as they were selling for massive premiums over MSRP at the time). The second owner completed the Novitec upgrades circa 2004 and kept it until selling it to Switchcars in early 2021. We shipped it straight to Fast Cars, LTD, a highly-respected independent Ferrari service center in California, to have it fully serviced and comprehensively inspected, including a complete major service, compression test, and a through decontamination from long-term storage. We then installed new Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, and proceeded to drive the car for a few hundred miles to not only enjoy the wonders of the Novitec upgrades, but also to make sure it was fully sorted post-service. The car performs amazingly well, and one would have no idea that the upgrades weren't factory. The superchargers add much-needed torque that is lacking in the stock configuration, and the entire tuning package works together seamlessly.

The car has a clean Carfax, no indication of damage or paintwork, although we just had the front bumper refinished to remedy the front license plate holes.The condition outside and inside is excellent, with no dash shrinkage, no sticky buttons, and no appreciable wear - it looks like a 6000-mile car. 

This particular car has a Novitec data plate indicating it is #009, although it is only engine #006, so it is likely one of only a small handful with the entire kit, and it may be the only one in a manual. We have searched the internet high and low and cannot find another one, or history of any other one, that is a manual coupe with the twin superchargers. We've found one spider, the F1 press/demo car, and a handful of cars with just the wheels or body kit.

This gated 360 appears to have the complete upgrade kit from Novitec with no box left un-checked, including the following:

Twin-Supercharger kit with Intercoolers and Carbon Fiber air-boxes
Full Novitec Aero kit including Carbon Fiber rear grill and body-color rear diffuser
Rearview Mirror in body color
Novitec Exhaust
Novitec 5-lug wheels
Brembo big-brake kit
Novitec suspension package with KW Race adjustable coilovers
OMP Challenge-style reclining Ferrari-branded cloth seats with OMP harnesses
Full Alcantara interior package
Silver Carbon Fiber trim package

Here's an exerpt of a good write-up on the Novitec 360 from Motor Trend:

Novitec's recently released Modena F360 aims to up the performance ante. The core of its F360 effort entails adding more power: Twin superchargers work with twin carbon-fiber water-cooled intercoolers, additional fuel injectors, and an artful handmade carbon-fiber air-inlet setup employing high-flow filters. Custom exhaust manifolds vent to a free-flowing Novitec sport exhaust system fit with 90mm tips. Novitec claims the engine mods boost horsepower from 400 to 565--for the small sum of $59,298.

The added power measurably reduced acceleration times, but the F1 gearbox proved tricky to launch. As with every Modena F1 we've tested, you can't choose a specific launch rpm nor have the ability to feather the clutch; the result is a fine line between engine bog or wild tire spin. The Novitec's rear tires can generate enough smoke to amaze pyrotechnics experts. It looks cool, but it's not the way to quick times. Thus, a bog-and-go launch was used, which delivered a three-tenths-quicker quarter mile. We feel that with a true six-speed manual we could have generated a high 11-second [elapsed time].

If the Modena's stock Brembo-sourced brakes aren't good enough for you, then consider a set of Novitec's 380mm rotors clamped by eight-piston calipers. This $12,499 combination proves rock-solid and easy to modulate....Novitec suggests its lightweight 19x9.0/19x12.5-inch Rosso II center-locking wheels with Pirelli P Zero Rosso tires ($9300). Also in the name of more grip, Novitec offers its three-way-adjustable coil-over suspension ($7699) and custom anti-roll bars ($1999). In our slalom test, the rolling stock and suspension hardware teamed to deliver a more predictable Modena with an impressive 1.5-mph increase in average speed. On the street, the suspension proves friendly on all but the roughest of surfaces.

Why not designer threads, too? Body/aero mods include front bumper, side panels, rear diffuser, rear wing, carbon rear grille, and taillights ($17,394). Inside upgrades are carbon-fiber and include a center console, radio cover, instrument panel, door panels, and door-sill plates ($6144). Enjoying all these prancing horses requires an intercooled checkbook, as the F360's tally of upgrades rings in at over $100 grand.



Price: SOLD

JUST IN! 2000 Ferrari 360 Coupe in Argento Nurburgring Silver over Grey-Black interior. Absolutely excellent condition with a comprehensive service history. All keys and accessories. Completely original paint and clean, no-stories history.

More info coming soon!


Price: SOLD

True 3-pedal manual Ferrari 360 Spider. FInished in Nero Daytona (metallic black) over Beige leather interior, this is a pristine example of a late-production 2001 with most of the 2002 updates. At Switchcars, we are very picky about the Ferraris we choose to buy, and handpick the finest examples - this one is no exception. The car has a clean history with no known paintwork other than the usual front bumper refinish. It has just completed a full major service at a Ferrari specialist, including all fluids and filters, timing belts, tensioners, and service of the hydraulic system for the convertible top. We also had the interior parts refinished to correct the typical sticky parts. We also had a complete detail performed including removal of swirl marks, a polish, and an interior leather treatment. 

This car shows very well inside and out, and was obviously well maintained with service records dating back to original delivery. There is no dash or airbag cover shrinkage, all sticky parts were refinished, and the leather seats and bolsters are in excellent condition. The top is perfect and free of any blemishes. The car benefits from the addition of a Tubi exhaust which lightens the car and vastly improves the sound. The only other modification from stock is a Pioneer radio head unit - the factory unit is included.

This car is complete with all accessories and documentation. The only thing missing is the flashlight. All books, three keys and fobs including the red master fob and an Enzo key upgrade with the leather-wrapped fob, car cover and duffle bag, complete toolkit, fix-a-flat, radio removal tool, radio code card, and original window sticker are included.

Factory Options:
6-CD Changer
Electrically Operated Seats
Scuderia Ferrari Shields
Roll Bar Upholstery Colour


Price: SOLD
2002 Ferrari 360 Spider F1 - Titanium over Navy interior. Power seats, Titanium seat piping, Navy top, Hi-Fi stereo with 6cd changer, rear challenge grill (factory painted grill included).


This car just had a full major service performed at Andy Falbo's shop in Arizona in April of 2012. Not only were the belts and fluids changed, but the full service also included the following:

Install new timing belts, tensioners, and tensioner bearings

Install new cam seals, valve cover gaskets, and rear cam gaskets

Install new water pump bearing and seal

Set Cam timing

Install new gas tank vent vale O-rings and tank float valve

Install new updated engine mounts

Install 430 Scuderia upper transmission mounts

Measure clutch, pressure plate and clutch position sensor

Repair front SX anti sway bar mount

Flush all fluids: Engine oil, transmission oil, power steering, F1 oil, engine coolant, brake fluid.

Bleed brake system, clutch actuator, and clutch TO

Total Bill: $8718.85


The car is mechanically solid and up to date on service. The clutch was measured with a Ferrari SD2 (printout on file) on April 5, 2012, and showed only 6% wear at 8556 miles. We just had it measured with the current mileage and it shows only 12% wear. The PIS was also adjusted for smoother takeoff and shifting. The convertible top works perfectly. The first owner had the services done regularly, with the annual services being performed each spring, and the 5k service performed at Lake Forest Ferrari in June of 2005.


Cosmetically the car is in very good condition. No curb rash on the wheels, almost new tires, and excellent paint with no evidence of prior paintwork. We just had the front bumper resprayed to account for rock chips (photos on file before showing chips), and we had touch-up done on the rear intakes in the rocker panels, as those also attract stone chips. The interior wear is as it should be for the miles - seats are in excellent condition with little to no bolster wear and no indents in the seat cushions. Call us for more info - we'll be happy to go over the car in detail!


Included with the car are the following: One original key with fob, one reproduced (aftermarket) key with fob, books and manuals with original leather case, factory toolkit, factory Fix-a-flat, and Battery Tender.


Price: SOLD