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This GT3 was purchased by the second owner in 2013 with 12,511 miles. It is finished in the striking and classic Speed Yellow, which comprised only 5% of North American production. It is now available for sale with 23k miles.

The car has been enjoyed and fanatically maintained, which is often more true of cars that see occasional or even regular track time than cars that sit parked or driven sparingly. This one was setup for mixed street and track use, and is a very well sorted, tight, and solid car. The car has complete detailed service history dating back to original purchase, which can be shared upon request or viewed in PDF format on our website. 

The car is all original paint on the metal panels, which has been verified with a paintmeter, although the previous owner did have a minor off which required only the front and rear bumper covers to be replaced. No other damage. The car does have clearbra on the full front clip and also had it on the windshield which has kept the paint in very good condition. 

Mechanically the car is solid and just completed a pre-sale inspection at Wright Motorsports, a highly-regarded Porsche independent and racing shop, including a leakdown test. The DME does show some high-range overrevs, but they were more than 50 hours ago, which is Porsche's threshhold for determining if any engine damage has occurred. Porsche will CPO a car with high-range overrevs if they occurred more than 50 hours in the past. Additionally, the leakdown test came back with strong numbers across the board. This document can also be viewed in the PDF with the service history. The car is up-to-date on all maintenance and ready for the new owner to enjoy. New spark plugs and coils were just installed. 

The car comes with two keys, all books, complete service history, and original window sticker. There are additional items noted in the service docs that are not included in the sale - the car as pictured is what is for sale. 
Below is a list of current upgrades:

  • GT3 RS clutch and single-mass flywheel
  • Painted center console and dash pieces to match exterior.
  • Full front PPF including windshield
  • Radiator grill screens
  • RSS harness bar - Installed by Wright Motorsports
  • RSS Stage 2 suspension - Installed by Wright Motorsports
  • RSS engine mounts
  • Engine coolant lines pinned by Wright Motorsports
  • Evolution Headers with Catalytic Converters or test pipe inserts (interchangeable, both included)
  • Evolution Motorsports EVOMS Tune & Flashing Port
  • Side muffler delete pipes
  • 991 GT3 Cup center muffler
  • Essex AP Racing J Hook front rotors

Factory Options:

  • 342 Heated Front Seats
  • 490 Sound Package Plus
  • 639 Chrono Package
  • 78 Black Full Leather
  • 810 Floor Mats - Interior Color
  • CGA Headlight Cleaner Cover Exterior Color
  • P01 Adaptive Sport Seats
  • P74 Bi-Xenon Headlamp Package
  • X4 Speed Yellow
Price: SOLD
This GT3 RS is live on Bring a Trailer auctions - if you're interested, place your bid before it's gone!
We are pleased to offer one of the  46 GT3 RS ordered for North America in Carrara White with no graphics. It is available now with just over 3100 original miles. The car, apart from sitting undriven for many years, was properly maintained, and received a full major service and new TPMS sensors in 2013 as well as a 2-year service in 2018, with less than 400 miles in between the two visits to the dealer.
We recently purchased the car from its long-term owner, and performed a cosmetic reconditioning to bring it back from storage mode and present it as a 3k mile car should be. The front bumper was repainted to correct some minor imperfections, and the silver wheels were refinished and fitted with new Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. New OEM side rockers were installed and the original rear fender stone guards, which had faded, were removed. The dashboard carbon fiber trim strips - which are the dumbest option ever as they cannot be kept from warping and peeling away from the base - were replaced with OEM leather pieces. We performed a comprehensive top-to-bottom inspection and detailing including dry-ice blasting the chassis. The car shows now as a 3k-mile car should, and exterior flaws are limited to a couple chips in the hood and a scuff in the rear bumper behind the LR wheel that have been touched up. A 2-year service is also being carried out in preparation for sale.
It is all original paint on the metal panels, and it has a perfect DME report with zero overrevs. It is stock with no modifications.
It is complete with all original accessoiries: two keys plus valet key, books, service records, tools, and original window sticker.
Factory Options:
  • 346 Wheels Painted Silver
  • 450 Ceramic Composite Brakes-PCCB
  • 639 Chrono Package
  • 810 Floor Mats - Interior Color
  • B4 Carrara White
  • CXD Door Entry Guards Carbon Illuminated
  • EZA Interior Package Carbon
  • EZB Carbon Package Switch Panel
  • P74 Bi-Xenon Headlamp Package
  • XMJ Rear Center Console - Carbon
  • XPA Thicker Steering Wheel-Leather
  • XSY Seat Belts - Speed Yellow
  • XXZ Foot Rest Aluminum
Price: SOLD

We just acquired this GT3 RS directly from the original owner. It is a completely original example with no track time, no paintwork, and no stories. The car comes with both keys, service records, and the original window sticker. It is a heavily-optioned example with the full option list shown below. It has recently been treated to new OEM Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires and also had the TPMS sensors replaced.
Just added to our inventory - more info and photos will be coming soon!

Factory Options:
Dashboard Stitching Deviating Color
Door Stitching in Deviating Color
Door Handle Stitching Deviating Color
Rear Side Panel Deviated Stitching
Seat Stitch Deviating Color GT3
Ceramic Composite Brakes-PCCB
Chrono Package Plus
Black Full Leather
Floor Mats - Interior Color
Belt Outlet B Pillar Carbon
Door Entry Guards Carbon Illuminated
Interior Package Carbon
Carbon Package Switch Panel
PCM 2.1
Bi-Xenon Headlamp Package
Rear Center Console - Carbon


Price: SOLD


Only 52 Green ones came to North America, making it the 2nd rarest color behind Silver, but by far the most desirable and valuable color. At one point at the height of the RS craze, green cars would command at least double that of their orange counterparts. They still command a significant premium, and rarely come up for sale. Approximately 20% of the green ones remain with their original owner.

This example boast just 5650 miles, and is in absolutely pristine condition. No stories, no excuses, just a collector grade RS. It was represented by Road Scholars in 2019 before selling privately between two Minnesota collectors in early 2020. It had a 2-year service in 2019, and new Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires installed in 2020, along with a street alignment and Tarrett wheel studs.

The complete front clip is protected by clearbra, and the car is bone stock other than a Sharkwerks center muffler bypass and clear (Euro) side marker lights.

While it's a fairly basic spec, I happen to love the combo, as it has Full Leather and Ceramic Brakes, but no wart on the dash. Simple, proper spec with essentially the three must-have options for the 997.1 GT3/RS.

Factory Options:
450 Ceramic Composite Brakes-PCCB
78 Black Full Leather
810 Floor Mats - Interior Color
P74 Bi-Xenon Headlamp Package

Price: SOLD
2007 Porsche 911 GT3. Excellent condition fully-documented One-owner car. Black/black, with all services up to date, new TPMS sensors in the wheels, and all books, both keys and the original window sticker included. Car is bone stock with the addition of a clearbra front film and GT3 RS orange wheels. No stories, no track time, no paintwork, no overrevs. Solid car all around.


Factory options:

- Black Leather Seats

- Bi-Xenon Headlamp Package

- Heated Front Seats

- Sound Package Plus

- Fire Extinguisher

- Chrono Package

- Floor Mats Interior Color

Price: SOLD

Factory Options:
Basalt Black Metallic
Adaptive Sport Seats
Self Dimming Mirrors and Rain Sensors
PCM 2.1
Bi-Xenon Headlamp Package
Heated Front Seats
Wheel Caps with Colored Crest
Sound Package Plus
Chrono Package Plus
Floor Mats - Interior Color
Thicker Steering Wheel - Leather
Porsche Crest in Headrest



Price: SOLD

Not every GT3/RS is a pristine, no-story example. And not every story is necessarily bad, but stories almost always lead to discounts.
What we have found is that most people's concern with paintwork or damage repair is the unknown, as the most common question we get regarding paintwork is "why was it repainted?"
Sometimes it's as minor as a scratch from the garage, and other times it's major damage that could affect the long-term health of the car. What we seek to do here at GTvault is to eliminate the unknowns for buyers and sellers alike for a transparent transaction.

This particular GT3 RS was listed on Rennlist in 2015 with 22k miles and in pristine condition for $100k. Needless to say, there was a stampede, and the car was sold in less than half an hour with a dozen people in line. It remained with that owner until it was sold on Bring a Trailer in February of this year for $136,000 with fees. It was a very well maintained and clean example with the coolant lines pinned, but after purchase the buyer went even farther with the maintenance and put on new tires and completed a full engine reseal, along with a new water pump and replacement of some coolant hoses.

Unfortunately, on a recent road trip, the car sustained minor damage from being clipped by a truck in a narrow construction zone. Thankfully, it was just very minor damage, with the total repair bill being $3500 and only the left rear fender receiving paintwork. In the words of every internet commenter ever - "That'll buff out" - was actually the case.
We have photos of the damage, a copy of the repair order, and have run a paint gauge over the car to confirm original paint elsewhere on the car. The repair is of the highest quality.

So, if you're looking for a deal on a car you can drive, here's a story with no unknowns. The car has a perfect DME with zero overrevs, coolant lines pinned, fantastic service history, a fresh reseal and water pump, new tires, two keys, books, and window sticker. It is now offered with 30,500 miles.

Factory Options:

  • 346 Wheels Painted Silver
  • 640 Chrono Package Plus
  • 810 Floor Mats - Interior Color
  • CDJ Gear Lever Trim Exterior Color
  • CMD Rear Center Console Pntd.Black
  • CMF PCM Package Painted Black
  • CMG Switch Panel Package Painted Black
  • CMK Door Opener Trim Painted Black
  • CMM Trim Strip Painted Black
  • CUV Storage Compartment Lid W/Model Logo
  • P16 PCM 2.1
  • P74 Bi-Xenon Headlamp Package
  • XXZ Foot Rest Aluminum
Price: SOLD

Excellent condition GT3 in classic Carrara White. Very clean car with no modifications from stock other than PFC slotted rotors and clear side marker lights. Complete service history documents the repairs and maintenance on the car. It is up-to-date on service and is ready for the new owner to enjoy. The DME readout is clean with no overrevs in any range. 
The car did sustain damage to the right rear fender and bumper cover back in 2013 with about 11k miles. We have photos of the car prior to repair and the receipt of the repair. It was done to a high standard, with the only paintwork being the rear fender and bumper, with blending into the rear of the door, the decklid, and the C-pillar. Suspension pieces were replaced with new OEM components. There was no structural damage, the car is solid and straight, and has recently gone through a Porsche dealer inspection and of course has had over 20k miles put on the car since the repair. All other paintwork and panels are original as verified with our meter.

Factory Options:
28 Black Leather Seats
490 Sound Package Plus
640 Chrono Package Plus
B4 Carrara White
P12 Self-Dim Mirrors & Rain Sensor
P16 PCM 2.1
P74 Bi-Xenon Headlamp Package
XD9 Rims and Caps - Exterior Color


Price: SOLD
2007 Porsche 911 C2S Aero - rare factory Aerokit car! Black over Black-Terracotta Bi-color interior, 6spd manual transmission. Excellent condition car with all the right options. 3-owner car - the second owner purchased the car with 29,000 miles as a Certified Pre-Owned car from the Porsche dealer. He absolutely babied the car and then sold it to us. We sold it to a local customer in 2013 who just recently traded it back in after having driven and serviced it regularly. It is in very nice condition and the all-original paint shows very well having just received a comprehensive detail by our in-house expert. The only cosmetic picks are some stone chips on the upper front hood where the clearbra doesn't cover, and some wear on the driver's side bolster. Car includes both keys plus the valet key, full books and service records, and has recently received new tires and is all up-to-date on service - this car is complete and needs absolutely nothing. Factory Options: Black/Terracotta Interior Black Mats - Porsche Lettering Adaptive Sport Seats Self Dimming Mirrors with Rain Sensing Wipers Sport Chrono Package Plus BOSE High End Sound Package Aerokit Instrument Dials Terracotta Sport Exhaust System 19inch Carrera Sport Wheels www.switchcars.com
Price: SOLD